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Science emerged as a result of the activity rather than to meet human needs, both physical needs and spiritual needs. Developments in science and technology can not be separated from the previous scientists who transform knowledge into technological innovation and ideas are very useful for human life. Advances in science and technology can not be separated from the higher education institutions. Where in the 20th century the role of science and technology is meant for higher education institutions. So that in the 20th century could encourage more rapid development in the field of industry, information, communication, transport and agriculture.
Developments in science and technology in Indonesia lags far behind the European countries and the United States, and even in Asian countries such as Japan and China. This is because:
1. Indonesia is still limited number of people who received western education, especially higher education
2. Lack of willingness from the government and private companies in Indonesia to be able to transfer technology
3. The absence of meaningful technological innovations in Indonesian society itself
Science and technology in Indonesia began to grow which is characterized by the presence of universities and research centers such as the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) and the Agency has also established Pengkajiaan and Application of Technology (BPPT). With the development of science and technology in Indonesia, the dissemination of information and communications in Indonesia had already begun to develop.
Information is needed the people of Indonesia. Indonesian society are entitled to the right information with the right to organize their lives and establish themselves. Humans who do not have knowledge of the facts and do not have time to understand the different views, it can not be held responsible choice.
Submission of information on Indonesia disseminated through mass media such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television and internet. Information technology in addition to a very beneficial impact for humans, information technology can also cause pollution or contamination of information.
In addition to the development of information technology in Indonesia communications technology was already experiencing rapid changes. Where is the first time the development of communication in Indonesia is characterized by a local telephone connection, and then developed into long distance and also build a communications system that is able to connect and share information throughout the territory of Indonesia and around the world effectively and efficiently.
At the present time the communication process in Indonesia has been experiencing rapid changes, as a result of changes in communications technology. The communication process is the most important are:
1. Collection of information / experience
2. Information storage
3. Process information
4. The selection / expenditure information
5. Menstransmisi / disseminate information
6. Feedback or feedback information
At present nearly 90% in all regions of Indonesia have no television and telephone and telephone number of the owner each year continues to grow.
With the ease of obtaining information and communication would increase the level of knowledge and skills of the Indonesian nation itself.
Therefore it is very necessary role of government to be able to continue to promote the progress of communication in Indonesia.


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